“Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to complete personal and business legal transaction online, including notary signatures.”
Bart Davis, VP, RLI Surety

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The Notary landscape is changing rapidly.

States are approving Remote Online Notary (RON) at a rapid pace.
Many of your traditional notary customers have or will purchase access to a RON platform over the coming years.
Notary Hub provides notaries a full service Remote Online Notary experience, and gives resellers tools to enhance long term relationships with Notary customers
A remote online notary (RON) is a legally commissioned notary public who is authorized to conduct notarizations over the internet via digital tools and a live audio-video call. Remote online notarization allows the process of observing as a customer signs a document to occur anytime, without requiring a physical meeting.
Like traditional notarizations, the RON verifies the signer's identity, ensures the signer understands the document, and confirms the signer is willing to sign it. Wet ink signatures are replaced by electronic signatures, and the RON's physical stamp is replaced by an electronic seal and digital certificate.
Other RON platform providers may continue to expand their offerings and may eventually offer notary bonds, E&O, and supplies in addition to their RON services.
Why Notary Hub?
Notary Hub is a fully functional, easy-to-use RON platform that has partnered with RLI to afford our RLI agents an exclusive opportunity to offer RON services to your notary customers at a discounted rate.
In addition, Notary Hub reinforces your agency/customer relationship by providing your RON customers with a way to contact you when it's time for them to purchase additional bonds, E&O, and supplies.
The RON market is moving quickly. Most notaries are generally aware of RON, or have already signed up with another platform. It's important to get in front of this with your notaries ASAP, in order to maintain their loyalty to your agency.
  • Earn extra income with up to 15% commission on every RON subscription purchased from your referrals.
  • Add digital subscription to your existing portfolio to create full-service notary offerings.
  • Additional commission for each referred remote notarization completed.
  • An all-inclusive platform to effectively market and manage your downline.
  • Grow your notary business with automated referrals for bonds, E&O insurance, and supplies.

For Your RON Customers

  • All-in-one platform to legally sign, collect, and manage notarized documents.
  • Intuitive onboarding customized exclusive to the state requirements for each RON.
  • Discounted subscriptions exclusive to RLI Surety customers and their referrals.
  • Notary Hub RON users have industry-leading cloud-based document signing certificates to digitally sign final documents.

Reseller Benefits

Notary Hub has designed a unique “RLI Agent Reseller” program
This exclusive program allows you to earn residual income between 5% and 15% of total RON revenues. This includes a percentage of RON subscription fees, notary signing fees, etc.
Notary Hub fully supports notary customers as they onboard and discover the features of the RON platform.
In-app messaging and prompts help your notary customers reconnect with you when it is time for them to renew their notary bond or purchase new supplies.
RON subscriptions may include a combination of monthly subscription, per-use, and per-seat pricing, depending on the plan that fits the individual notary or company.
This residual income stream will continue for as long as you remain a Notary Hub agent reseller.
  • Secure your business in a new digital economy, moving notarial transactions to a gitila, contactless, and secure solution.
  • Grow your downline through your customized storefront and URL.
  • Earn an ongoing commission on all RON subscriptions purchased through your URL.
  • Commission paid on each RON transaction you or your referral complete on the platform.
  • As a state-approved RON platform, you can confidently refer your customers.
  • Automation ensures referred RONs are directed back to your website for bonds, E&O insurance, and supplies.

Residual Income

Recurring subscription commissions
Commissions continue for as long as you remain a Notary Hub agent reseller.
Commissions are paid monthly via ACH or connected accounts via the Stripe Payment System. Sales efforts compound over time as notaries utilize the platform and new notaries are added.
This makes it seamless for you, allowing you to focus on growing your RON customer base.
Earning Commission with RON
  • Register as a Reseller
  • Complete the required onboarding
  • Customize and market the URL for notaries to learn more
  • Earn commission on purchases completed from referrals


Reseller resources you can use to get started even faster and progress even further
When you refer a notary to Notary Hub, you and your notaries are supported by resources provided by both RLI and Notary Hub.

Everything you need

All-in-one reseller program

RLI and Notary Hub are committed to continuing to listen to feedback from resellers to continually improve the reseller experience. Reseller feedback directly informs how our reseller program will evolve and grow through time.

Sales activity reports

Notary Hub's Reseller portal provides dashboard view to sales and commission activity

Platform training

Platform training is provided by Notary Hub, both for Notaries and also Resellers

Knowledge Base

Resellers have access to an ever-expanding reseller Knowledge Base as well as direct chat and phone support from Notary Hub

Notary awareness

Reseller admins may customize the company logo, company info, and URL that is presented to their notaries when their commission is expiring


Agencies with many resellers may build out custom organizations, with commissionable activity reports rolled-up at the Company level

Payout reports

Commission payout statements and reports allow you to review your activity and your growing revenue

Shareable commission URLs

Notary Hub's Reseller portal allows each organization to create custom shareable URLs to track referral details, if desired

Marketing materials

Marketing materials help you direct market Notary Hub to your existing new notary customers

RLI bundles available

At your request, RLI can also bundle Notary Hub advertising into each Notary Bond packet that you issue

Optional MBA embedded advertising

RLI can embed Notary Hub advertising into your Notary-facing MBA solution, if you use the RLI MBA solution
Resources for your notary referrals
  • New notaries referred by resellers have access to special discounts not available to retail subscribers
  • New RON notaries receive direct "red-carpet" welcome from Notary Hub staff
  • Platform training is provided by Notary Hub, both for Notaries and also Resellers
  • RON users have access to self-help Knowledge Base as well as direct chat and phone support from Notary Hub
  • Specialized videos explain how-to usage of advanced platform features
  • Notary Hub RON users have industry-leading cloud-based document signing certificates to digitally sign final documents